Do you want to build generational wealth in Virginia’s emerging legal cannabis industry?
Have you ever considered starting your own business?
If so, this is the training you need.

We help make the process of building a cannabis business accessible and easier and will support you the entire way. We have a strategy to take your idea or passion and turn it into a real business. VMCC will walk with you into the second year of your business launching.

VMCC 4-week Bootcamp

Here’s what you can expect
  • Must be a resident of Virginia
  • Must be 21 or older
  • Must have a personal computer or laptop
  • Must have dedicated internet access
  • Must be able to provide 3 references
  • Must be willing to grow out of your comfort zone
Every entrepreneur starts on day one. We cover the foundational work – everything from setting realistic goals, creating a support system with VMCC and the other entrepreneurs, looking at examples of successful and unsuccessful businesses to learn, and how you can pick a path to focus on.
Every applicant has big dreams of their legal weed business. But can you describe what you want to do so well that someone else can feel and see your vision? This week, we focus on developing essential skills to connect with investors, including your elevator pitch, business pitch deck and personal story. We want other people to believe in your dream as much as you do.
While there is money to be made in cannabis, social equity applicants have to understand and recognize all the costs and overhead associated with operating a legal business in the industry. That means building your business, understanding the difference between a street business and a legal business, and how to manage taxes, 280E, the IRS and accounting.
By this point in this process, every remaining boot camp participant has a clear picture in their head of what their business should or will be. In this final step, we put everything together for social equity applicants to take ownership of their future business strategy. From here, they are more than just entrepreneurs but also advocates within their communities and the cannabis business community.
Applications for 2022 sessions are currently open.

VMCC provides powerful training opportunities and eliminates the red-tape to help minorities capitalize as the cannabis industry rapidly expands in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

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