Get Started


Get Started

Are you interested in starting your journey in the cannabis industry, but not sure where to begin? Consider the following statements to get going.

Which statement describes you?
  • I want to get a job at a dispensary.
  • I want to work in cultivation, growing cannabis plants.
  • I am interested in transitioning into a new cannabis career.
  • I am not interested in being a boss, running a company or partnering with investors.

Starting with our CannaHub career development bundles may be the best route for you.

  • I want to own a cannabis business.
  • I want to open a dispensary.
  • I am interested in using our family land to grow cannabis
  • I am not interested in a job in cannabis.

Starting with entrepreneurship workshops  may be the best route for you.

VMCC provides powerful training opportunities and eliminates the red-tape to help minorities capitalize as the cannabis industry rapidly expands in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

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